Construction Details

These buildings are built  out of 1-1/8″ tongue and grove plywood called “Sturdifloor”.  This plywood is designed as sub-flooring, to span 4 feet (from girder to girder) and carry a live load of 40 lbs. per sq. ft.  With 7 laminations, it is very strong and stable. We use it for floors, walls, and roof, which eliminates the need for studs, floor joists or roof rafters. This results in a faster and less expensive building process while at the same time producing a very strong building.  Interior 2″ x 12″  Fir shelving serves as the buildings backbone and also gives the window seats added depth.   These buildings are screwed together and built on a base of 4″ x 10″ pressure treated beams, bolted together at the corners with 1/4″ metal brackets. These brackets secure the corners of the base beams and also provide a point of connection for lifting and pulling. They are also used to connect the building to the delivery trailer.

Ward Hensill, Builder and Designer

Interior view shows both the end and side window bays.


We offer two flooring options; clear coated 1″x 8″pine, or filled and sanded painted plywood.
The painted plywood has no seams showing, and results in a savings of about $600.


All windows are dual-glazed, tempered glass.
The two end windows open, awning style, for ventilation.


Two opening sky lights are built in at the ridge.
The roofing shown in the photos is corrugated steel, but all other roofing options are possible.


A counter top is included at one end of the room to be used as a desktop or kitchencounter.                                                                                                                                                              he kitchen would include a sink, a small refrigerator,  a small propane oven/stove, and  a small on-demand hot water heater.


A  platform converts one end of the room into a sleeping area.


The corrugated steel front porch roof that comes with the building is intended to give the front door weather protection and provide shade. It is also intended to be the beginning of an entry room.
A shower/toilet combination could be located there.


The floor and roof are insulated with rigid insulation and the windows are dual glazed.
It is possible to insulate the walls, but because in most cases here in California it is not necessary, and to keep the cost down, we do not insulate themThe walls are not insulated because it is not necessary for many uses, and our intention is to keep the cost down
We find that here in Central California, near the coast, the buildings are very comfortable uninsulated.
They heat up quickly and stay warm easily with the heater we provide.
If insulation is necessary, we would install  rigid foam insulation in the floor and/or roof.


Electricity enters the building at a service box with a 20 amp circuit breaker.
All wiring is with #12  wire.  This allows the use of appliances like microwave and toaster ovens,
electric hot water heaters, and electric space heaters.


Each building is supplied with a  propane heater which warms the room quickly and keeps it warm easily.


We offer 2 siding options: board and batten, or shingles.

Ward Hensill, Builder

Bodega Portable Buldings Front View